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Henna Pollard



What do we mean by yogi lifestyle?


Yoga as a lifestyle means so much more than performing difficult poses on your mat.

It means taking yoga off the mat and into your life for balance and clarity in everything from relationships and parenting to your home and garden.

You know that feeling after yoga class? That bliss. Your mind feels so peaceful that you could almost say “you’ve got this now”, That “you truly know how to live your life from now on with this constant bliss”.

And walk back home. Your house is absolutely chaos and the minute you walk in your kids are changing from angels to demons.




How is that peace going now?



Your breathe is your sanctuary. It’s your safe place that you can always go back to, after all it’s with you at all times.

In that moment, you’re focused only on that breath. Your mind isn’t occupied with outside noise or thoughts going through your mind. You are only concentrating on that breath, the slow, deep inhale and calm, relaxing exhale.

You probably have heard the saying “exhale the past, inhale the future.” For me it means: “exhale the worry, inhale the peace.”




Safe Breath

Take a deep breath in through the nose while counting to 3 in your head. Slowly release your breath through the mouth counting to 6. Repeat as many times as you need to start calming down.

When your outbreath is longer than the inbreath, you release excess levels of carbon dioxide in the bloodstream, which can build up when you feel anxious.(due to shallow, fast breathing)



Meditation is a great tool to calm and focus the mind. Meditation is a mix of concentration and breathing. Meditation can help you to reach a different state of consciousness, where the mind is alert and relaxed.

During meditation, you concentrate your mind on one particular thing, such as your breathing, sounds, body movements. Meditation can help you cope with everyday life, reduce stress and improve your overall wellbeing.



Meditation for mums


How to get more calmness in our life?

Ask yourself few questions; “what is stopping you from experiencing more calmness in your life“? My answer to this question is “me”. I am the only one stopping this. Not my kids, not the messy house or undone laundry (which I’m due to do today 😏) My Mind is the one controlling how I feel. If I can calm my mind, I can calm my life.

And another question; “where in your life calmness already exist”? For me it is when I’m in the present. When I’m truly here fully. When I’m with my kids without thinking what needs to be done or what emails I need to answer next. Present moment is what gives me the peace in this life.


Let’s bring yoga off the mat into our lives together 🙏🏼

I’ll share you more yoga mama lifestyle tips soon.