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Henna Pollard




Just like us adults, kids also need to learn tools to help them relax and reduce stress. Yoga is a healthy way for children to explore their bodies and minds. Yoga is good for  strength and flexibility and enables children to be balanced and calm. Starting yoga at an early age encourages body awareness and builds confidence. Kids who practice yoga learn about mindfulness and enjoy overall wellbeing.


We all know our kids are full of energy, so yoga with kids can be sometimes challenging, especially with younger ones. (if you seen any of my videos on Instagram you know it could get a bit crazy for me sometimes with my two little ones 😘  ) We need to make yoga interesting and fun for the kids. They also got such a wild imagination, so we need to use it in our yoga practice. They love playing and moving, so we need to make sure our practice is very active. It is hard for them to sit quietly for a long time, so we need to let each pose and game flow.


I have collected few yoga poses here for kids. You can name these postures how ever you think is most suitable for your little ones.



 “I am a tree.” Let your kid grow into Tree Pose. You can do child’s pose in between and it’s fun for your kids to grow into a big, strong tree.



“I flutter like a butterfly.” 



“ I am a mountain, I say hello to the sun.”



 “I am a long, stretchy snake.’



“ I am a mermaid, I live in big wild ocean.”


 “ I am a starfish. I say hello to the ocean.”



“I am a wheel, my heart is reaching up to the moon.”




You can also use these kind of sticks, where you write down a fun name of certain yoga posture. Your kids can choose one stick at a time and you can all do that posture together. This is fun way to do yoga with kids and my little girl loves it. Great and healthy bonding time together with your little ones.



You can tell your kids a story while doing yoga. You can make different games and cards to keep it all interesting for your little ones. You can let them name an animal and you can all make a posture together that looks like that animal. You can pretend to be alphabet, ocean animal, sun, moon, whatever comes to your mind to keep it fun. You can even sing a song together while doing yoga together.


Let’s just keep it fun and interesting for our kids and let that imagination flow.



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